Identity matters

22 November 2016

MORE THAN 200 unaccompanied or trafficked children that went missing from care in the UK over the course of a year were never found, according to a report by charities ECPAT UK and Missing People, which was featured in the Guardian. Over a quarter of these were in Kent.

The report used data from UK councils collected via Freedom of Information Requests with 80% responding. A small number of local authorities refused to respond, with some saying that they had no requirement or means to collate this data even though there is a duty on local authorities to report all cases of identified trafficking via a national referral mechanism. “Poor data collection and recording at local level is deeply concerning and suggests the UK’s wider response to child victims of trafficking is inadequate,” the report said.

A SURVEY by the Prisons Inspectorate found that 46% of 12-18 year olds detained in secure training centres and young offenders institutions had felt unsafe at some point – the highest level ever recorded. While the number of those detained has dropped by two thirds in the last decade “the perceptions of those that remain leave us with some worrying and difficult issues to consider,” said chief inspector Peter Clarke in his foreword to the report into the young people’s views.

THE PUBLIC law outline which introduced the requirement for care proceedings to be completed within 26 weeks has not only achieved a faster decision-making process on permanence for children but has maintained a level of thoroughness and improved outcomes for children a report by the University of East Anglia suggests. The report compared the processes and outcomes for care proceedings at the London Boroughs of Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham before and after the introduction of the new legislation.

AND FINALLY The Who Cares Trust has relaunched and renamed itself Become – a name that will help “convey our vision for young people who spend time in care”. The old name was “now out of step with the times”, it said.



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