More care needed: missing migrants and kids in cells

2 August 2016

MIGRANT CHILDREN arriving in the EU unaccompanied are being systematically let down by host nations a House of Lords Committee has concluded in its detailed report Children in Crisis: unaccompanied migrant children in the EU. As a result, they are left vulnerable to exploitation by traffickers and people smugglers, condemned to squalid living conditions and constantly subjected to a ‘culture of disbelief’ by the authorities according to a short summary of the report by family lawyer Marilyn Stowe. The committee says it deplores the UK’s failure to take action over migrant children that then go missing, and sets out a series of recommendations to improve their conditions, treatment and access to protection – the Children’s Society provides a further summary.

CAMPAIGN GROUP Just for Kids has joined forces with two legal firms to launch a legal action against Islington Council as part of its fight to end the practice of children being accommodated overnight in police cells. The organisation says that last year the Council received 94 requests from the Met Police to provide a bed for children being held at a police station but did not accommodate one of them. If successful the group will expand their campaign to other local authorities in the country.

RESEARCH IN Practice has pulled together information on supporting the wellbeing of looked after children. The Strengths and Difficulties questionnaire is one method of gathering information about wellbeing it says. “However, completion of the SDQ across English Local Authorities is variable to say the least and there is a lack of oversight or guidance on how to use the data to inform services or individual care plans,” RIP says. the SDQ also does not capture children’s own views about their wellbeing. The link above takes you to a summary of the findings – to get access to the full report you or your employing organisation needs to have a subscription.

FOSTER TALK is asking foster carers to respond to an Online safety survey for foster carers being conducted by Guardian Saints to determine what challenges and concerns foster carers have regarding online safety and for the young people that they look after.

AND FINALLY Radio 4 reporter Siobhahn Tighe is pleasantly surprised when she takes a look inside a Birmingham’s Children Home, while the Guardian features a book group and reading list for foster carers who want to explore real-life stories of foster care.

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