Education, education, education

26 July 2016

It has been a quiet week as the summer holidays kick off but we have a few pieces of news for you.

EDUCATIONAL CHARITY MyBnk has used the Children’s Society report The Cost of being Care-free to highlight its financial education programme for care leavers after the Children’s Society concluded that nearly four in ten care leavers were not getting a good enough financial education prior to leaving care. The Money Works programme offers bespoke training for care leavers covering a range of topics including budgeting, banking and borrowing as well as understanding pay slips, bills and benefits.

Unlike their peers outside the care system who have family to fall back on, care leavers can find themselves in severe financial hardship once they have left the care system, the Children’s Society found. An increase in the hourly rate for apprentices, the ability for care leavers to apply for working tax credit, exemption from council tax until 25 and avoidance of benefit sanctions would help care leavers remain financially above water, the Society says.

In its strategy for care leavers Keep on Caring  published this month the government has proposed a range of financial and other measures to support care leavers which reflect some of the Children’s Society’s concerns.

PUPILS IN care could have their own Eton-style boarding school according to plans put forward for a new free school in west London reports The Times. An application for the school for students aged 10 to 18 has been submitted to the Department for Education and would target children at risk of moving between a large number of foster placements.

AND FINALLY the Fostering Network has launched a new guide for foster carers supporting unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC). Jointly developed with the Department for Education and the Refugee Council the new guide covers each stage of the asylum process and what foster carers need and can do for the UASC in their care.


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